Another side to the Slave Trade

How much is written today about the horrors of the Atlantic Slave Trade, how many apologies are made by politicians in our name, how many claims for reparations for the inhumanity of the Atlantic sea captains.

And how little is written of the other two participants in this dreadful enterprise. The Africans who enslaved their own brethren and sold them on Arab traders. The European captains, guilty as they are for the many deaths and great suffering that took place on those voyages were merely the transporters. An even greater evil was perpetrated by those Africans and Arabs.

Ignore the risk of offending black and Arab Muslim sensibilities and never fail to speak the truth to those who seek to impose false guilt on the rest of us.

‘The Arabs brought with them an avalanche of sorrows. As the Arabs advanced, mere survival was a real challenge for the people. Millions of Africans were victims of of raids, were massacred or captured, castrated and sent to the Arabo-Muslim world. And that in inhuman conditions, by caravans across the Sahara or by sea, from trading posts dealing in human flesh from East Africa. Such was in reality the major occupation of the majority of Arabs who Islamised the African people, all the while posing as pillars of the faith and exemplary believers. They often went from region to region, the Koran in one hand, and the knife for castrating in the other, leading a hypocritical ‘life of prayer,’ never uttering a word without invoking Allah or a saying or a deed of the Prophet.

‘Beautiful and noble principles but which were trampled upon – with such joy, such indignity, such dishonesty – by these Arab slavers, who submitted Africa to fire and sword. For, behind this religious pretext, they committed the most revolting crimes and the most atrocious cruelties…

‘The Atlantic Slave Trade lasted four centuries, whereas the Arabs raided sub-Saharan Africa for thirteen centuries without interruption. The majority of men disappeared because of their inhuman treatment and systematic castration…For, even though there are no degrees of horror nor a monopoly of cruelty, one can argue, without risk of contradiction, that the slave trading and jihad carried out by Arab Muslims to procure captives for these predators without pity was far more devastating than the Atlantic Trade. And it is still being carried on under our noses.’ *

* Tidiane N’Diaye Le génocide voilé : Enquête historique (Paris: Gallimadrd, Continents noirs, 2008) pp 10-11

11 thoughts on “Another side to the Slave Trade

        • Perhaps you read this when I posted it some years ago. I’d like to think it left an impression. Probably a vain thought…

          The point in republishing it is because most people are ignorant of the far more lethal behaviour of Arabs, and later Arab muslims than the much abused Atlantic traders where the death toll was much less than those poor souls who fell into the hands of the slavers on the east coast of Africa, most of whom never even made it to a ship so cruel were the Arab drivers.

          I am sick of the left telling me I should do penance for our own part of the tragedy while the Arabs started doing this centuries before we ever did (including a million Europeans enslaved) and continue this barbaric practice to this day in Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and even in mansions in Belgravia.

          The ex- MyTers here are more likely to have knowledge of these dreadful happenings than the average Facebook reader who may have read this on that site, which explains the simultaneous posts.


          • I read and researched this some years ago for a story I was writing. You’re correct about the left wing whingers to whom history seems to have no relevance and I share your frustration at today’s leaders. My original query was, I suppose, was this just another anti- Muslim rant, but obviously it is not. I do not know the answer to the surreptious creep of Islam and it wicked intolerance.

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            • I do. First we block all further muslim immigration and secondly make generous provision for resettling existing muslims back to any islamic state they choose. Thirdly, no dual nationalities permitted and British citizenshio removed. Fourthly, loss of British citizenship and deportation for any terror related crimes. Fifth, no more welfare for second, third or fourth wives. Sixth, draconian action taken against FGM and the parents of disappeared muslim girls. Seven. destruction of muslim family homes that have harboured terrorists, à la Israel. Eight, no more mosque building until Saudi Arabia permits Churches and Synagogues and ceased funding Wahhabism.

              And quite a bit more. Much more. A hell of a lot more.


  1. Badger, it’s one thing to wring hands over what took place in the distant past. Nothing can be done to make all those wrongs right. On the other hand, the same slavers haven’t gone out of business And are making the lives of modern day slaves a hell on earth. The way to make amends for all the past injustices would be to free all the slaves. Being held today and punish their tormentors severely.

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  2. Well said Badger and very interesting reading. Congratulations also to Davod Goodwin for having the courage and decency to back down over his initial criticism – there’s far too little of such honesty on these sites.

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