Car Boot Sale 43

If you ever need a new(ish) vacuum cleaner getting one couldn’t be easier. Drive round a sink estate or down Benefits Street and look for abandoned vacuum cleaners in skips or bins. Take a selection home and try them out (outdoors). Three out of four will make a noise when plugged in but have no suction. Those are the ones you want.

They have clogged internal filters that the owners were unable (due to poor management skills) to clean. Give your chosen cleaners a thorough clean, inside and out, cleaning and replacing internal filters and dodgy seals and fitting a new bag if applicable.

Ta Daaa! A nearly new vacuum cleaner! I recovered three such vacuum cleaners in my latest house clearance.


I got this little beauty from Freecycle. The owner said the suction wasn’t very good. She was a well spoken lady in one of the better neighbourhoods. It was the same thing. Clogged filter. I cleaned the dust chamber and washed the detachable filter. Works a treat. Looks like new.


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