The Bulletin is Open



A new blog site created for members  and friends of the Facebook My Telegraph Community

If you wish to join and write blog posts here then leave a comment below and I send you an invitation to become  an author. Your first comment will be held in moderation until approved, but thereafter once you have replied to the invitation you may blog and comment freely.


32 thoughts on “The Bulletin is Open

  1. My first comment disappeared when I bookmarked the permalink. Maybe it is awaiting moderation so I won’t repeat what I wrote ‘cept for ‘is this a memorial for a dead blogger?’ Not too keen on that name but I wouldn’t make it an issue.

    Shaping up well, Mrs Harrington-Baxter. You obviously know what you are doing.

    I don’t think I’d stay long on the site if it wasn’t for you.

    The following are some thoughts at random, and I appreciate some of them might not be possible, but here goes:

    Can we write comments without using Disqus? Not that I care, it probably adds another layer of complexity.

    A time stamp for comments.

    Photos in comments.

    Videos in comments.

    Traffic to blogs displayed on the home page (saves opening the blog to find out).

    The usual up ticks and editing.

    Being WordPress I assume it is HTML friendly (I’m an idiot; this will be answered when I post this)

    Actually, I’m racking my brains (and I’ve had a hard day) for all the facilities that Shane Richmond provided which won the old MyT site best site in the newspaper world and were systematically stripped out by various couldn’t-care-less successors. They’ll pop into my mind while I’m sleeping so I’ll be back when I wake up and anyway I’m sure you can remember others. Make the old site a template as close as you can.

    I’m agog to see how we post blogs.

    You don’t know how much I appreciate this. MyT was a bigger loss than many of us would admit.


  2. Re HTML. Yes you can use it in comments but some of the code doesn’t work. From memory it uses strong not bold but either may work.

    You can change the colour if you know the code but I don’t know if it works in comments. We will see.

    That worked then.

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    • I have just sent you an invitation to become an author, Charles.

      Do let me know if you have any problems via the Contact The Administrator Form or a message in the Facebook Group.


      • Thank you so much, Araminta. I’m not sure where you have sent your kind invitation, but it hasn’t reached me. Not that it matters now that we discover I am registered with Gravatar and am therefore not allowed to join WordPress.


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