Smear Merchant

Giles Fraser, an apparently God-fearing person, has written a piece for the website Unherd about ‘sneering scientists’. He writes as follows about what he thinks about the attitude of scientists, mentioning the

‘…tradition well-established by another former Professor of the Public Understand of Science, Richard Dawkins. He famously denounced God as “a vindictive bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser, a misogynistic, homophobic, genocidal, phillicidal, pestilential, meglomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully”. This too from the person paid to promote the public understanding of science: “Science is interesting and if you don’t agree you can fuck off.” ‘

The problem with that last quote is that Dawkins was actually quoting a former editor of New Scientist magazine. To get the Dawkins quote simply watch Dawkins say the words:

A bit of context, just for honesty, always helps

Fraser is deliberately misrepresenting Dawkins as a foul-mouthed, thuggish bully, and hoping his readers don’t spot it. I was looking about the Unherd website for something new written by Douglas Murray and saw it.

Smearing enemies is unfortunately common. But Giles Fraser must believe that God is aware of his smearing the great man, and either approves of the dishonesty or disapproves of it. He cannot think God is unaware. Why wasn’t he worried about punishment for his dishonesty?

This is the picture at the head of Giles Fraser’s Twitter account:


Very often the shop window is prettier than the stockroom.

Is the Irish law an ass?

It would appear to be so. Legally I can state that an 11 year old boy was stabbed to death by his 28 year old uncle in November 2019. Thing is, it was front page news, so both identities are in the public domain. One looks forward to “Judge” Michael White arresting RTE (Irish version of the BBC) and the “Irish Times” amongst others – for covering the murder.

Happy New Year.

Perhaps a day early but tomorrow night I shall be in no fit state to type. I am, possibly, too old now for the one-third marathon jogs I used to do, but even a nifty five mile (8 km) is still doable. Mum has gone mad putting multi-culti headers on, but we all wish her, and most readers, a very happy 2021.

Another Sociopath

What is a ‘step-grandfather’? A ‘step-grandfather’ is another way of saying ‘somebody else’s grandfather.’

It turns out that, in reality, Hancock’s ‘step-grandfather’ was really his step-father’s ex-wife’s second husband. One could conclude ‘nothing to see here’ because ‘all politicians lie’. They do – but hang on.

A politician who lies when the truth would have done just fine is likely to be a pathological liar.

Hilary Clinton lied about being named for Edmund Hillary: his conquest of Everest being news around the world inspired her mother to name her after him. When Hilary was caught she did the decent thing blamed her mother for lying to her.

Bill and Hilary Clinton are the only politicians who make me think David Icke might be onto something.

Common sense suggests a politician shouldn’t lie about something which is so easily checkable. That’s why the lying is pathological – they don’t think, they just lie automatically.

Zelo Street: Matt Hancock - You're A Liar

The fire next time.

Blind casting – which is giving us a black Anne Boleyn (she was white) and multi coloured Oliver Twists. The sole black part in Shakespeare is Othello. As with Jane Austen and other authors the “woke” crowd wish to ensure we check our white privilege. Perhaps a remake of “In the heat of the night” with a white detective, Virgil Tibbs?