Putin bashing.

There is quite a bit of Putin bashing going on. Now, I don’t hold with homophobia but Volya must be doing something right if the MSM lugenpresse are after him.


Marko Pasha!

marko paşa

Marko Apostolidis Pitsipios was a doctor as called who was born on the island of Syros in 1824, then his family moved to Istanbul where he studied at the Medical Military Faculty and graduated from the faculty in 1851, after ten years the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz dubbed him the imperial palace’s chief doctor and director of the medical school in 1861 and he was the first doctor who took the degree of brigadier in the Ottoman Empire even though he was Greek and non-Muslim, he also dubbed the rank of Pasha which was given only to the highest rank Ottoman officers.

On 11 June 1868 Marko Pasha was named amongst 4 founders of the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) which is official and the largest humanitarian organization of Turkey and is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and he was the president of the Turkish Red Crescent until his death in 1888.

He was buried in the Greek cemetery of Kuzguncuk district where he lived on the side of Anatolian shore of Istanbul.

Today, his name is often mentioned in Turkey with a great sincerity and respect, because of his good heart and well-known personality and there is a Turkish saying; “Tell your problem to Marko Pasha”, because Marko Pasha was a patient doctor who would listen to his patients’ problems for hours with great patience, and would always endeavour to find a cure for their condition and our people never forget him and his legacy.
Moreover, in 1946 a satirical magazine launched in Turkey as called Marko Pasha because of Marko Pasha’s reassuringly and calmingly cures on his patients and some theatre groups have acted his relations with his patients in a satiric comedy.

God Bless His Soul!

The “Terrorists and Putschists” without Weapon!

Erdogan’s Court has rejected the requests of 75 – year- old female journalist Nazli Ilicak and Altan brothers retrial until in October.
Nazli Ilicak and the Altans last year were sentenced by Erdogan’s Court aggravated life imprisonment in the “coup” case.
Nazli Ilicak is a centrist, the Altans are leftists and for the sake of democracy their fatal mistakes were they took side on Islamists, not just bully sheikh Fethullah Gulen and his gang, included Erdogan and other Islamist they supported all the Islamist gangsters saddaned many people included me and right now, the Islamists blame them anti-democrat, terrorist and putschist.
On one hand, I’m not sure the Altans are democrat or not, but I’m sure they are not terrorist and putschist.
On the other hand, I know and sure Nazli Ilicak neither anti democrat nor terrorist and putschist.
She is the only living victim of the all coups in Turkey.
In 1960 coup, she was 14 – year-old, her father Muemmer Cavusoglu who was a Mep, a Minister of Adnan Menderes and prisoned for months.
In 1971 coup, she was effected as the all pro – democracies.
In 1980 coup, she was imprisoned 3 months, her newspaper Tercuman was closed by the coup council temporarily a few times due to her anti – coup views.
In 1997 postmodern coup, she was a parlamenterian but on the orders of the putschists she was discarded from the Turkish Parliament.
I also know and sure the Islamists are the sole enemies of democracy and sleeping with all kind of terror groups in their dirty bed.
nazli ilicak

Everything Will Be Fine!

Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate Ekrem Imamoglu second times in just three months won the rerun Istanbul mayoral election on June 23 by receiving 54.2 percent of the votes after on March 31 elections
He totally deserved the win!

Since 1994 Istanbul has been under Erdogan’s Islamic repressive mindset, in addition this, Istanbul is like the goose that lays the golden eggs for the Islamists and now the Istanbulites killed Erdogan’s goose!
Islamists’ dark clouds over stanbul is now offically come to end!
I think the rerun election result is also the beginning of the end for Erdogan, because Turkish people realised his arrogance and his the worst mistake that he reshaped Turkey’s constitutional structure that means Turkey is no longer democracy.
By the result of Istanbul election a new era is dawning for the better future of Turkey and our hope is rising!
For the first time,the people who have different political views come together against Erdogan.

Not just as an unyielding democrat and anti-Islamist I also support Ekrem Imamoglu because he speaks like a true Istanbulite gentleman we miss for years!
Istanbul and he match each other perfectly, I wish him the best of the luck in his mayoralty 🙏🏻
#EverythingWillBeFineekrem imamoğlu ve eşi

”Why don’t the chip van come no more?”

This profoundly unsettling question was posted on my local village residents’ Fbook page half an hour ago.
 It’s one of those posts which are put up in the a la mode style of being highlighted against a large square of lurid colour, in this case purple and mauve.
 Perhaps it’s that background which seems to give the words such mournful resonance.
 After some consideration, I feel that there’s no satisfactory answer to the profoundly unsettling question which has been put before us in such dramatic fashion. Were the chip van even to reappear, things will never be the same. Our existential angst can never disappear.
 There were some well-meaning attempts at reassurance by other residents, such as ”he’s been to cherry Waye” (sic). Though welcome, such attempts can never dispel my unease. It’s not as if I ever used the chip van – but the very thought of its presence in my neighbourhood, with those lovely deep-fat fried smells, and the cheerful customers getting their hallowed chip calories handed to them, all nicely wrapped up, through the van’s side aperture, was enough to make one feel that one was part of the community and – perhaps rather a quick jump here –  an ordered universe, in which one had one’s rightful place.
 Now I feel things will never be the same, having read ”why don’t the chip van come no more?”

RIP Rory Stewart

It has been a fascinating few days. Journalists on almost all ‘papers have been behaving like teenagers who have just fallen in love for the first time. But I don’t think it was sex. Many of the besotted scribes are heterosexual men who found themselves having ludicrous crushes on another man. And hardened editors, thought to be immune to this sort of nonsense, have been going weak at the knees whenever that wonderful name has been mentioned. Continue reading

Con leadership candidate Rory Stewart.


I’m an out-and-out Brexiteer. As such, the last thing I want is a Remainer as next Tory leader and PM. But I will say this about Rory Stewart: despite his Messiah complex, deplorably fascistic-liberal tendencies (exemplified by the notion that, if necessary, he’d hold an alternative ‘parliament’ in the form of a ‘People’s Assembly’ made up of suitable bien-pensants drawn up from a limited list – presumably of his choosing), yes, despite this he’s an intriguing candidate with an impressive background, as you can see from his Wikipedia page, which is well worth getting acquainted with. His star is undoubtedly on the rise, and his contribution to national life, one way and another, is likely to be considerable in the future, unless he throws a tantrum and chucks it all away.

That Wikipedia page:


BBC Bias?

This afternoon, just after the one o’clock news on Radio 4 (the Home Service as was), there was a programme about bias on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky Television. Mostly, and quite rightly, since we all have to fund the BBC on pain of being sent to prison, it was about the BBC. I regret my mind was elsewhere when the programme started (we do, after all, celebrate the Holy Trinity today). But something said by someone caught my attention after a few minutes and I began to concentrate.

Once I realised what the programme was about my immediate assumption was that it was just going to be the BBC denying the obvious (that it is generally biased in favour of the centre-left). But that was unfair of me. The presenter was extraordinarily open minded and quite prepared to accept that many of his colleagues were not. Indeed, as the discussion continued, it became apparent that the existence of the bias was not being seriously disputed. But the point was made, and it is one with which I entirely agree, that the bias is just as much a problem for Mr Corbyn’s hard left as it is for moderate Conservatives. BBC employees, even those who perform on the Today programme, find it just as difficult to accept that Momentum is a good thing as they find it to accept that a mainstream Conservative is not appallingly evil. The exceptionally silly defence frequently put forward by the BBC, that it can’t be biased because both Tories and hard left Labour complain in equal measures, was not being advanced in the programme. It was the first time I had heard any BBC employee accepting the obvious, that it was possible to be biased in favour of the centre-left and to be opposed by both the hard left and the right. Continue reading