Greta Thunberg

Is it me, or is there far too much hype over an Asperger’s teenager from Sweden telling us what to do?




The extension.


As I predicted, all that guff from Macron and others about ”no extension unless you have a clear, detailed plan” was just lies.

The EU would do anything to keep us shackled to its decaying corpse – bien sur. Now this long extension till October 31st will give Britain’s Remain establishment plenty of time to knead Parliamentary and public opinion like a child’s playdough, until it’s in the desired form – which is acceptance of staying in the EU. Then the EU will say ”oh…so you want back in? Fancy that. Yes, do return – but with a few conditions, eh? After all, we don’t want you to go through anything like that again, and we must protect our interests.” The shackles will be big and blatant.

Then expect to hear endless platitudes from MPs about how ”we tried, we really tried, to deliver Brexit, but it proved impossible, and the only practical solution is to Remain.” The only reason it was impossible was because Remain MPs, together with strategically suicidal Brexiteers, combined to thwart it.

The Tories will be wiped out at every forthcoming election, whether national, Euro or local, in this period, unless they elect a strongly, and sincerely, Brexit-minded leader of their party. Even then they will suffer electoral damage.

Labour will suffer some damage, but the cookie has crumbled nicely for Magic Grandpa. There’s a very good chance indeed, in fact I’d say a 70% chance, that he’ll be in Downing Street in the next few months.

Evans v Brabner

This is in the public domain but I will leave it up to “Mum” as to whether she wants to pull the plug on this.

Fact, Ched Evans was tried, along with Clayton McDonald. Fact, McDonald acquitted. Fact, that Ched Evans did two and a half years in prison. Fact, after his case went before the CCRC he had a retrial and was found “Not Guilty” after a few hours.

Fact, North Wales Police told me during a 72 hour interrogation that “McDonald got away with it”. Fact, today Ched had a £800,000 out of court settlement.

Sing when you are winning.


They know.

They know that once we are out of the EU, even, in effect, a little bit out, we’ll never be back in again. The split will become ever bigger. They also know it’s actually the end of the EU itself. The EU cannot, medium or long term, survive Britain’s exit.

That’s why they will never let us leave.

Short letter to my MP.

Email I’ve just sent to my MP, Charlie Elphicke (I helped him out at the last G.E., doing a bit of leafleting and acting as a teller at a polling station):

”Dear Charlie,

I did feel that I should let you know my voting intentions, as it’s a time when MPs are paying particular attention to the views of their constituents.

I applaud the unceasing efforts you make for Dover and District. You really have achieved a lot, and you are by far the most energetic MP, with the greatest vision, eye for detail, and practical application, that I’ve ever seen in the constituency, and I can remember them all back to 1955, when I was 11.

However, sadly, there is no chance whatsoever of my voting Conservative at any level, including that of local elections, whilst Theresa May remains (an apt word in the current Brexit circumstances) leader of the Conservative party. Disillusionment with her is beyond total, if that’s possible. Disillusionment with the Tories’ utter inability to ditch her, which should have occurred immediately after the last General Election, closely follows.

In fact I have recently joined the newly revamped (and very pro-Brexit, pro-No Deal) SDP.

I wish you the best in the present difficult circumstances.


……..” (name removed here for obvious reasons)


How ineluctable is Scottish independence? Given the febrile nature of Westminster and Whitehall will the SNP opt for another referendum? Everyone else seems to be doing so. Saor Alba vicar?

May’s extension announcement 2nd April 2019.

All she’s doing is kicking the can further down the road, evading responsibility and trying to deflect blame onto others. That’s all T.May has ever done. She’s been one horrendous disaster ever since she became an MP. Remember that self-serving publicity stunt about the Tories being ”the nasty party?” Followed by a stint at the Home Office where she attacked the Police, cut their numbers drastically, stopped stop-and-search (she has blood on her hands for the subsequent appalling rise in knife crime), shut police stations up and down the country, reduced our immigration service and entire border control system to a shambolic mess – and was rewarded by becoming leader of the Tories, which she led from a strong polls position to near-defeat after a disastrous, schizophrenic, robotic, out-of-touch performance unparalleled in living memory. 

We all know what happened after that. Universally regarded as a leading candidate for the title of worst PM ever, the Tories should have ditched her immediately after the last election, but don’t seem to have the gumption to do so even now, when they are in extremis. If they don’t take decisive action against her immediately she will destroy them.

Whitehall, Brexit, kick-off?

With heavy news censorship by the Lugenpresse it is hard to know what is going on. Thankfully mobile phones now have cameras and it could be that P.C Plod faces the wrath of the Brexiteers. As in Burkina Faso, the “mother of parliaments” ignored the electorate, until now that is.


Hagia Sophia’s Status!


Time is neither Byzantine nor Ottoman time.

Time is modern Turkish Republic time forever.

Hagia Sophia is neither a church nor a mosque.

Hagia Sophia is not just temple of the Christians and Muslims, it’s the temple of humanity and symbol of the civilizations.
The best solution is secularisation of Hagia Sophia as Ataturk wished and did about the temple in 1935.
Hagia Sophia is a museum and will remain as a museum for the sake of humanity and the civilizations.
Never care about corrupted politicans rubbish statements on Hagia Sophia.
That’s all..!