Brexit Debate.

As Mr Utley has written about the Adonis creature I thought I’d add this in case anyone missed it.

Adonis, like all ‘second vote’ merchants, should be exiled to the slums of Brussels for the rest of his unnatural life.



Adonis, Appeasement and Brexit

For many months I have had this niggling feeling at the back of my mind that I should try to work out what on earth Lord Adonis meant by his strange assertion that those of us (17.4M of us) who voted to leave the EU were just like those who supported the appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s.

First, I must try to explain Lord Adonis. He is a life peer (one of Blair’s many creations). He has tried several political parties (Social Democrats, then Liberal Democrats and finally Labour). He is not stupid. He has a very respectable degree in history (a first) from Oxford. He was a minister under Blair. Of course, he has never been elected to any political office, but that should not be held against him: he is not a man of the people and I don’t think he has even claimed to be such a vulgar thing. But he has one enormous problem: he is one of the many supporters of our membership of the EU who has been driven mad by the result of the 2016 referendum. Continue reading

Holocaust Remembrance Day and Let’s remember Turkish Jewish History!

1- The Jewish history in Turkey goes back to the 3rd century BC. The first Jews came from Babylonia to Sardis, it’s located Salihli district of Manisa Province in Turkey, near Izmir. Sardis was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia.

2 – There was a Turkish Jewish state ,the Khazar Khanate or Khazaria was founded in 651, collapsed 1048, it was the only Turkish state which adopted Judaism as a official religion and it was among the 16 great Turkish Empires before the Republic and it is represented on the Turkish Presidential seal which is composed of a sun surrounded by 16 stars.

3- Sultan Orhan warned Byzantine Empire for their oppressions on its Jews and invited the Byzantine Jews to Bursa in 1324 and gave them permission to build the Etz ha-Hayyim synagogue .

4- The Ottomans captured Edirne in 1362, Jews from Europe migrated to Edirne such as from Hungary in 1376, France in 1394, Sicily in the beginning the 15th century.

5- Constantinople was conquered in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet II “the Conqueror”, he welcomed Byzantine Jews and other Jews and he issued a proclamation to protect all Jews in the Ottoman Empire and out of the Ottoman borders.

6- The Jews of the Bavaria expelled from Bavaria by Ludvig X in 1470 but the Ottoman Empire saved and accept them into the Ottoman Empire.

7- In 1492 the Ottoman Sultan Sultan Bayezid II decided to accept into the Empire the persecuted and expelled Sephardim Jews who refused convert to Christianity after the Inquisitions orders in Portugal and Spain.

8- When Italian city Apulia fell under Papal control in 1537 the Jews expelled from Apulia, in 1542 the Jews expelled from Bohemia by King Ferdinand and the Ottomans welcomed them into the country once again.

9- In 1556, Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent wrote a letter to Pope Paul IV to release of the Marranos(Secret Jews) in Ancona, which they declared to be Ottoman citizens and Pope Paul IV had no other alternative than to release them.

10- The Jews who took refuge in the Ottoman Empire after the pogroms in Russia: 1880s, 1900s and even 1917-1918.

11 – In the modern Turkey during World War II, tens of thousands Jews, included French Prime Minister Leon Blum’s son were saved by the several Turkish diplomats such as Behic Erkin who was Turkish Ambassador to Paris during the WW II, Necdet Kent who was consul in Marseilles during the WW II, Selahattin Ulkumen who was consul in Rhodes during the WW II and Namik Kemal Yolga who was the Vice-Consul at the Turkish Embassy in Paris during the WW II.

Moreover, when the Nazis invaded France, PM Leon Blum was jailed, and his son Robert Blum was taken to a Nazi concentration camp.
Leon Blum sent his daughter-in-law to Turkish Ambassador to France Behic Erkin, asking for his help, because the Turkish Embassy was issuing “Turkish citizenship certificates” to Jews of Turkish descent , providing them with much needed protection from the Nazis in France. Ambassador Erkin helped Robert’s wife and Erkin sent Leon Blum’s letter to our President Inonu, finally the Prime Minister’s son released…Ambassador Behic Erkin reportedly saved about 20,000 Jews by putting them on trains to Turkey during the War years.

French Prime Minister Leon Blum’s letter is preserved at the Revolation History Museum in the Faculty of Language, History and Geography at Ankara University.

#HolocaustMemorialDay Never Again


Poll on Brexit.

I don’t know how to set up a poll on this thing, so I will pose a question. Overheard recently, not just by hot heads…”If no Brexit, or a delay, civil war”. The French might smash up 50% of speed cameras but (as that is unthinkable in Surrey) would the 3 million first time voters, who see “democracy” overturning their “knuckle dragging wrong decision” rise up?

What would be the outcome?


Should People go to Prison for Calling Others Nazis?

For a great many years, long before Brexit, some on the left in politics have merrily labelled those on the right (I am not talking about the far right) as “Nazis” or “fascists”. Indeed, go back a few decades and you will find examples of men who risked their lives in the fight against Nazi Germany being described as fascists because, for instance, they objected to industries being nationalised or thought tax rates should not be astronomically high.

More recently, this childish practice has spread to people of all or any political persuasion. So, for instance, those who do not admire Anna Soubry’s passionate adoration of liberally minded Brussels bureaucrats have taken to calling her a Nazi and the Speaker of the House of Commons, this very day, has assured us that Ms Soubry’s infantile critics are themselves fascists. Continue reading

I wish you a happy 2019!

As I prepare to greet the New Year with (several) large glasses of wine and sherry, plus a good book and perhaps some Bach, I wish to take time out out to wish the MyT crew a happy 2019. Brexit heralds a fresh dawn, one unencumbered by the Civil contingencies act.

The Turks’ Winter Solstice fest; Nar Dugan and Ayaz Ata!

Sivas-Amasya 019Seems to not related with Christmas, the birth of Jesus but pre-Islamic the Turks had celebrated a holiday called “Nar Dugan” which referred to the winter solstice! “Nar” means sun and “Dugan” means birth, so it meant the birth of the Sun and in French Noel means “day of birth” and derived the Latin word “Natalis”.
In the Turkish customs the sun is very important, the pre-Islamic Turks believed in one God, they called God as “Tengri” and they prayed to Tengri in order to return the sun to them but the sun needs to fight with the night a mean darkness and evilness. According to their beliefs, the day and night are fighting in the shortest day but the longest night of the year on December 22, after the long struggle the sun gets victory over the night, a mean the Sun defeats the dark and evil powers, then the Sun’s victory is celebrated by the Turks under a sacred tree gorgeously, as the story goes, the sacred tree is White Spruce which is believed to symbolize the center of the earth and then it’s called Tree of Life and they adorned it with fruits, especially apple and pomegranate. Today, the Turkish women still use this tree in their carpets, rugs and laceworks as well as Turkish Muslims use it on the tiles to decorate inner walls of the mosques.

As I stated, the return of the sun is rebirth and they called this day; “Nar Dugan” and in this respect, during the coldest days of the winter and in the eve of Nar Dugan a Turkish saint Ayaz Ata comes in view to help the hungry, poor, orphaned people. The literal meaning Ayaz Ata; “Frost Father” and he was created of Moon light.
After following the Islam, except Seljukian period, Turkey’s Turks generally leave their old customs although the minority of the Turks in Central Asia, Siberia and Azerbaijan still celebrate Nar Dugan as before adopting Islam and they still decorate their homes with all kind of spruce and pine trees to celebrate the New Year solstice on December 22.
On the photo, a decorated tree of life adorned with fruits on the wall of 13th century Seljukian madrasah, Gok Madrasah (Sky Madrasah) in Sivas.

The House of Commons at its Worst


So screeched all the newspaper headlines earlier this week. The innocent reader will have conjured up pictures of the Lord Chief Justice of England, the President of the Supreme Court, the Master of the Rolls, the President of the Family Division and the Chancellor of the High Court sitting together and solemnly declaring the government to have been in contempt of Parliament.

In fact, nothing like that happened. Instead, a whole lot of politicians, acting entirely from political, not judicial, motives (though endlessly and pompously asserting that they were the “High Court of Parliament”) decided to kick the government where it hurts and dress the assault up as a judicial and not a political act. Continue reading